Sunny leone husband name and Photo

Sunny leone husband name and Photo

Sunny Leone is considered one of the biggest actresses of Bollywood film industries today. Although earlier she was a pornstar but today she works in big films in Bollywood. But a question is asked a lot on Google that after all, what is the name of Sunny Leone’s husband, how are their children, today we are going to tell you about Sunny Leone’s family.

Who is Sunny leone husband Daniel Weber

When Sunny Leone was in the porn film industry when her husband Daniel Weber used to be her business manager, initially Sunny Leone did not like Daniel Weber but later when Sunny Leone got to know Daniel well, Sunny Leone too She fell in love with him. And in the year 2011, both of them got married. and today they have 3 kids

Sunny Leone Daniel Weber
Sunny Leone Daniel Weber Marriage Date 2011
Nisha Kaur Weber
Noah Singh Weber
Asher Singh Weber
Daniel Weber
Daniel Weber OccupationBusiness Manager , Actor
Daniel Weber Age 43 years

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